A Perfect Landscape – The Live Oak Tree

A Perfect Landscape – The Live Oak Tree

If you live in the southern half of the United States of America there are few ways to spruce up a newer or an older property using mature live oaks as a landscaping tree. Live oak trees can add so much more grandeur to your home or business than many other trees. In fact the live oak tree can even add to the value of your property if the time comes to place it on the market.

While there are certainly many different types of trees you could choose from when you are shopping for a landscaping tree, there are none that compare to the strength, majesty and history of a live oak. The best place to start looking for your perfect mature live oak is on the internet. Most growers have detailed websites with photographs that show the health of the trees in their nursery.

In addition to the wealth of information on live oak trees online, you can find wholesale nursery companies. These companies can offer you prices that could save you hundreds of dollars when you buy directly from them. Most of these companies will be happy to help you through the entire process of your purchase from buying, to transporting, and even assist you in finding landscapers to plant your tree, then of course instructions on care for your tree.

You may not realize that live oaks come in many shapes and sizes which have been grown to suit specific individual tastes in landscaping design. The “Cathedral Live Oak” is also a cultivar live oak tree that grows tall, yet dense and round. Because it’s a cultivar, consistency is the key. The “High-rise Live Oak” is a cultivar live oak tree that grows tall and majestic, sturdy and beautiful while requiring less width in the landscape than a standard live oak. Finally, the traditional standard field-grown seedling live oak tree has its own shape and character, each one a magnificent, strong resilient live oak tree.

Beautiful mature trees can change the look and atmosphere of your home or business property. With such majestic trees you will find it is easier to give your home or business an elegant feel. It is a simple fact that trees are also much easier to deal with than most flowers or other types of plants.

There is almost literally no maintenance for most trees and what maintenance you do have is limited and quickly taken care of. The live oak tree lives for many hundreds of years, is green year-round in the southern U.S., and is considered by many to be a sturdy yet romantic tree. This is simply the perfect landscaping tree for any home or business including yours!

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