Privacy Trees For My Yard

Privacy Trees For My Yard

“I need some privacy trees!”

Looking out at my boring, flat green lawn is one thing but beyond that is the gorgeous road. Well… I would not call it gorgeous… more like ugly, and noisy! Then of course across the street are my neighbor’s houses which really do not make the best of views. Don’t get me wrong I live in a beautiful subdivision but I still feel that nagging desire to plant some nice privacy trees.

There are a variety of fast growing privacy trees at the local tree nurseries but none of them seem just right for me. I do not really have the patience to wait years to grow beautiful tall privacy trees. I also considered the more typical privacy shrubs trees style but I really have fallen in love with the idea of big shade privacy trees.

So my search for the best privacy trees begins and naturally, I turn to the internet for some inspiration! They have everything online after all and what better way to also find cheap privacy trees. My first thought was that I want to think about how I would go about landscaping privacy trees in my yard. My yard is fairly large in the front and purchasing mature trees might be best to avoid years of growing and waiting for large privacy trees.

My next step was researching good trees that are used for privacy in my region which happens to be in the south east United States. I wanted trees that provide privacy which also were easy to maintain and not easy to kill… I don’t have much of a green thumb! I admit I am instantly drawn to varieties of oak, especially those grand live oak trees that bring to mind old photographs of gorgeous southern plantation homes.

Digging in a little deeper in my search for the best trees to plant for privacy in my yard I find out there are three types of live oaks that a tree nursery provides. One is called a Highrise Live Oak tree and it is one of the more narrow privacy trees. Then there is a standard live oak which is allowed to develop naturally. Finally my favorite one which is called a Cathedral Live Oak which is tall and dense, perfect for blocking out noise and providing good privacy.

Now, I know what I want but I need to research where to buy privacy trees that deliver to my location and then of course a service which offers planting these privacy trees for me, since the trees would already be large, just what I want. Obviously this took me a while to do and I made several phone calls to compare cost but I finally settled on a company called Southern Pride Tree Farm out of this little town I never heard of before called Bell Florida.

They seemed to know more about their live oak trees than other nurseries and more importantly… assured me they would explain exactly how to care for it! Sigh of relief here, I hate to be a burden but I am just not great with live plants. All of the plants in my house are plastic. Now I am just waiting on my order which I am having delivered next week and I will update the blog when I get my new live oak privacy trees.

– A short story from a satisfied Southern Pride Tree Farm customer

Live Oak Trees

The oak is considered one of the most important and impressive trees worldwide. In total, there are over 300 varieties of these majestic giants of the forest.

Some oak species include the Royal Oak and Quercus Robur (Common Oak), which are very popular in Britain. Another species of oak called Charter Oak is very prominent in the states (USA). Among the rarest is the Cork Oak, and is respectively called because it’s used mostly for the finest wine bottle stoppers. The aforementioned British Quercus Robur is the one most often used in landscape architecture around a ranch house.

Most oak trees take hundreds of years to reach maturity. In fact, a tree in Windsor is more than 800 years old. This tree was planted during the reign of King John, and has lived at least 35 queen monarch. This tree has lived more than most men, even men of ancient times.

The oak remains a symbol of spiritual significance and serves as a valuable product for the creation of durable tangible goods. For example, the Bible uses oak, referring at least 23 times. Moreover, Romans, Greeks, Celts, Slavs and Teutonic groups put on a pedestal oak, more than any other tree.

The oak is also mentioned in many ballads, such as the largest oak in Sherwood Forest, which was also associated with Robin Hood. This is a real tree is still standing after a while quite long, and measures 20 meters (64 feet) wide. The Major Oak is a tree that has reached maturity.

Oak has also been used on British coins. The sixpence, which is one of the earliest coins of Great Britain, has an oak tree engraved on it, and the shilling, so does.

The reason why the oak tree is a very revered is because it is one of the major forests of the world. In fact, it was found that the oak has five times the shear strength of pine wild. That is the reason that is used to make coffins for burial of important people, like Edward the Confessor located in a sanctuary in Westminster Abbey.

Those who like to learn about the history of why certain names came to read about the history of the Royal Oak. In summary, the Royal Oak is so named because King Charles II hid in an oak tree after he was defeated by Cromwell at the Battle of Worcester in 1651. He lived in exile for at least ten years before returning to the kingdom. His birthday became a self-proclaimed holiday, called Royal Oak Day and needless to say that the Royal Oak was named after him.

Another brief moment in the history related to the oak includes the history of the ship, Mary Rose. The history of this ship of oak is not as happy as an ending as the history of the name of the Royal Oak. However, it is very important in many respects.

On July 19, 1545 the Mary Rose sank in the water as the army of King Henry VIII tried to cross from Spithead fight invaders of France. The entire boat sits a short form of Lord Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory in Portsmouth Naval Arsenal.

Again, the problem with the Mary Rose was not the wood that was used to create it, but rather the way it was built. Oak has been an option for many glasses of water made in the past, and the Mary Rose just happened to be an unfortunate case where the ship is not to protect passengers. Usually people have made it safe through the waters on board a ship.

In general, oak wood is a very strong and robust, and represents many things, including the concept of longevity and wisdom. This is a tree that is the test of time.