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Our Highrise Live Oak Trees l Quercus virg. 'QVTIA' pp11219


A majestic space saver the Highrise Live Oak tree is fast becoming the favorite of landscape designers where limited space, consistent structure, lots of height or an immediate natural privacy screen is the goal.

The Highrise Live Oak Tree is perfect for: privacy between homes, narrow spaces, entryways, lining driveways and sidewalk to street applications.

The Highrise is a cultivar Live Oak tree reproduced specifically for applications where space is limited.

The Highrise Live Oak is a Quercus virginiana or Southern Live Oak and it is a cultivar (Quercus virg. 'QVTIA' pp11219) meaning it is cloned from a mother tree with the same DNA to copy the tall narrow structure of the tree.  In the picture on the left, you see down the row of Highrise Live Oaks in the nursery - same height, spread, character. The Highrise Live oak was the very first Live Oak cultivar to enter the market for sale to growers.

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More about the Highrise Live Oak Trees:

  • Highrise Live Oak Trees have an average of fifty percent spread to height ratio, so it does not require the breadth of space a Standard live oak or other cultivars must have.
  • Our Highrise Live Oak Trees range from 8" caliper to 10" caliper.
  • Are between 30' in height to 35' in height. with 15' - 17' of spread at its widest.
  • Caliper is the diameter of the trunk of the tree and is the means of determining the price of live oaks in our nursery.
  • Highrise Live Oaks can be planted as close as 20' apart where a Standard (or traditional live oak)  requires an ideal spacing of 40' on center.
  • Tree grades and standards


Southern Pride Tree Farm Features Very Big Live Oaks:

  • Our Live Oaks are 8- to- 12- years- old top quality landscaping trees.
  • HighRise, Cathedral  & Standard Field Grown Live-Oak Trees.
  • The Live Oak is a semi-deciduous evergreen medium growing tree



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