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Live Oak Trees - Quality Roots System Guarantee

Live Oak Tree Quality Root Systems

Pretty isn't Enough! Buy The Healthiest, Strongest Most Beautiful Live Oaks..

Picture (left) is a freshly hardened off live oak root system with new roots top-to-bottom and all around the rootball. Not just hardened off; a solid root system from proper root pruning throughout the life of the tree assures it will establish faster and endure adverse weather better when replanted. Ask for our QRS Brochure and the RPG Tree Planting Cue Card for after planting care.

Root pruning reduces tree shock and mortality when the tree is dug in the nursery and provides a dense root ball of new roots which assures an overall healthier, stronger tree that establishes faster when transplanted. When you purchase a live oak from any tree nursery you should demand hardened off or cured new root growth showing at minimum outside of the burlap portion of the packaging.

Roots should be visible from the top to the bottom and all the way around the root ball. A pretty tree isn't enough! When a grower touts quality it means they have practiced annual systematic root pruning and developed deep healthy roots for their trees.

Over watering, over fertilizing and no or improper root pruning will cause shallow or weak root systems and weaken live oak trees.

Systematic annual root pruning, proper watering, proper fertilization and extra care has been taken to provide you with the highest quality, healthiest overall live oak trees you can buy.

Our Quality Root System Guarantee is still your assurance that we're checking the trees we select for you from growers who practice proper irrigating and fertilizing methods for the healthiest root systems..

We Guarantee That Each Live Oak We Sell:

  • Receives annual Systematic Root Pruning.
  • Receives the right amount of beneficial irrigation and fertilization.
  • Has a deep root system that is hardened-off before shipping.
  • And, that extra care is taken to secure and package the root ball for shipment.
  • Download the UF IFAS Extension Selecting Quality Trees from the Nursery PDF.
  • Learn about our Quality Root System Guarantee!

Featured videos

Dig & Prep Live Oak Tree

Digging & Preparation

Mature live oak tree digging and preparation in the Nursery for transport to the customer.

Live Oak Tree Packing for Transport

Tree Packing

Here we are demonstrating packaging mature live oak trees in the Nursery for transport.

Loading Live Oak Trees for Transport

Loading for Transport

Watch how a large mature tree is wrapped and loaded onto a truck for transport.