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Florida Live Oak Tree Ordering FAQs

Cathedral Live Oak Tree

Questions about Ordering Live Oaks: 

Answers about Live Oaks:

Q: Southern Pride Tree Farm is a Florida wholesale live oak tree nursery- Do you sell to anyone?

A: Anyone can buy Live Oak Trees at our wholesale pricing though it is recommended that you hire a professional landscaper to handle and plant your trees.



Q: Do you guarantee your Live Oak trees?

A: No, Although Southern Pride Tree Farm takes great pains to assure our customers of the healthiest (see our Quality Root System Guarantee) most beautiful Live Oaks possible before leaving our Florida live oak tree nursery and we procure only top quality tree transport companies for our customers to assure when you buy live oak trees from us, they arrive in the same condition as they left our nursery. Unfortunately, once your live oaks are loaded on a truck we no longer have control over the quality, planting and care of the trees so we can not guarantee them.


Q: Where do you deliver? Can I just pick up my Live Oaks?

A:  We deliver anywhere a Live Oak tree can grow (see Where do they Grow information on this site): Southern Pride Tree Farm is located in north Florida and ships trees to Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina and Florida.  We also assist with transportation of trees on our customers behalf with only experienced, helpful and insured transport companies.

Yes, you can pick up your live oaks, but please consider the smallest tree we sell weighs about 5,000 lbs each and bigger trees upwards of 10,000lbs each and are from 26 feet in height to 45 feet in height, you will also need a tree tarp to protect the tree/s while traveling.


Q: I have scheduled my Live Oak tree delivery date- Can I change it?

A: Yes, of course - coordinating schedules between landscapers, equipment operators, transport companies and Southern Pride Tree Farm can sometimes mean things change and adjustments must be made to assure everything is in place to take delivery of your Live Oaks: Communication is the key! Because all trucking companies are independent contractors and drive for many different nurseries and customers, some will charge a reschedule fee if the reschedule happens with less than 3-4 business days notice. Transport companies reserve that day/days for YOUR delivery turning down other opportunities.

If you do not communicate a schedule change within 48 hours or wait to communicate a change on the day of your delivery you will be charged for the delivery by the transport company.


Q: How do I get discounts on your Live Oak trees?

A: Our pricing is wholesale and very competitive in the QUALITY Live Oak tree market. Discounts are applied for customers who order full (large) truckloads of Live Oaks or more and take delivery on their trees within specified times.


Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: No. We do not accept credit cards. We've researched the options for our business and with the infrequency of using and dollar amount it doesn't make sense for us. Checks and cashiers checks are acceptable methods of payment.


Q: Do you unload & plant the Live Oak trees?

A: No. It is required that the customer have professionals and equipment able to lift the trees from a semitrailer flat-bed on site upon delivery. Equipment is usually supplied by the landscaper who handles large trees or more experienced customers will rent the equipment necessary.


Q: Where can I get information on planting & caring for the live oaks trees?

A: The organization Roots Plus Growers developed a very good tool called the Tree Planting Cue Card < you can view and download it here. You will need adobe acrobat reader.


Q:Can you recommend someone in my area to help me plant my trees?

A: Since 1990, we have worked with many landscapers and their customers to assure proper equipment and planting of our very big (and heavy) Live Oak trees. We can usually offer contact information on a company or individual in your area for you to interview about your project along with those you might find yourself.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not make "recommendations" of companies and / or individuals: It important for you to research, check references and interview the experience and integrity of any landscaper you hire to assure they have the experience and proper equipment for your project to handle and plant your trees. Again, once trees are loaded here at the nursery and on their way to your jobsite, they are officially your trees and in your care.


Q: How can I reserve Live Oak Trees for a future date?

A: Southern Pride Tree Farm can reserve live oak trees to a specified time with a Contract and deposit. The usual deposit is 25% for 31 up to 60 days then 50% up to 90 days etc. Please note that deposits are non-refundable as we hold live oak trees out of inventory, manage, and care for the trees in our Florida tree nursery on your behalf until delivery and do not to sell (or lose opportunities to sell) them to other customers. The quantity of trees held and timeline of delivery will determine any discounts as well.


Q: When do I buy Live Oak trees? Are deposits refundable?

A: First time customers are required to send final payment for their invoiced trees and transport costs in advance of shipping (via traceable mail like overnight or second day). An email will be sent with confirmation of balances, dates, times and payment deadlines. Transport companies receive their checks with paperwork when loaded with your order. If you order from us a second time we will gladly pick up checks upon arrival to your job site.

Deposits are refundable if you cancel your order within 10 days of deposit receipt. Deposits are not refundable for orders held over 30 days with a contract. See Reserving Trees for a future date for more information.


Q: We have sent full payment in advance and have now decided we do not want our order of trees. Is there a cancellation fee?

A: Thankfully with 20 years in business Southern Pride Tree Farm has never run into this situation. Please understand there will be a cancellation fee of 25% deducted from your full payment for tree orders held up to 60 days, of 50% for an order held up to 90 days, and no refund after holding your trees for over 90 days and you cancel the order.


Q: We have scheduled our delivery, sent payment in advance and now the delivery time has been extended past 30 days. Is a deposit and contract required?

A: Since 1990, Southern Pride Tree Farm has never had to keep a customers deposit. We try to be as flexible and understanding about jobs going late as we can for you. If we have your payment for the trees we will work with you as long as you need and as long as you are communicating with us about the delivery timeline. (also see I have scheduled my tree delivery date - can I change it?)



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