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Live Oak Tree Availability

Live Oak Tree Availability

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Southern Pride Tree Farm has 8", 9", 10" caliper, 11"-12" & 14"-16" caliper live oaks available; big oak trees from us will range from 24' tall to about 40' tall. All trees are field grown live oak trees for sale. Pricing for live oak trees is quoted based on type of tree, size, quantities and other factors.

Southern Pride Tree Farm is the source for very big live oak trees and now other large specimen varieties from our wholesale partners. We will always assure our customers recieve the highest quality and healthiest trees possible direct from the grower.

If you have any questions call us at (386) 935-3636 or email us at

Please read our Live Oak Tree Ordering FAQ page.

Southern Pride Tree Farm Features Very Big Live Oaks:

  • The live oak is a semi-deciduous evergreen medium growing shade tree perfect for landscape applications..
  • Once established a live oak will grow about 2-4 feet overall and 1 inch of caliper per year.
  • Live Oak trees sold here are nursery field grown trees and sold by the caliper inch (or diameter of the trunk).
  • Most of the big Oak trees for sale from Southern Pride Tree Farm are 8", 10", 11" to 12" caliper.
  • Big oaks for sale can be up to 20+" caliper trees (average 40+ feet tall) for special projects.
  • Download the UF IFAS Extension Selecting Quality Trees from the Nursery PDF.
  • Learn about our Quality Root System Guarantee!

Featured videos

Dig & Prep Live Oak Tree

Digging & Preparation

Mature live oak tree digging and preparation in the Nursery for transport to the customer.

Live Oak Tree Packing for Transport

Tree Packing

Here we are demonstrating packaging mature live oak trees in the Nursery for transport.

Loading Live Oak Trees for Transport

Loading for Transport

Watch how a large mature tree is wrapped and loaded onto a truck for transport.