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Live Oak Tree Characteristics | Quercus virginiana

cathedral live oak tree

The Quercus virginiana, Live Oak tree is a true symbol of strength in the South. After reading this page, you will be able to identify the characteristics of live oak trees. Below are topics that are going to be discussed:

Where are Live Oak trees found? 

Quercus virginiana’s are found across the lower Coastal Plains from Virginia to southern Florida and southern Texas. Live Oak trees normally grow in low sandy soil near the coast line and also along streams, woods, historical cities in the South, along the Gulf Coast and parking lots across the southern United States.


How to identify a Live Oak tree? 

There are many ways to identify a Live Oak tree. Live oak tree wood is yellowish-brown and is very strong and tough. Live Oak trees are usually found with curved trunks and branches.


Live Oak Tree size Live Oak trees range in size. Some of the oldest Live Oak trees are around 65-85’.


Live Oak Tree Leaves Quercus virginiana leaves stay green year round it is an evergreen tree. Depending on the Live Oak tree size, the leaves are normally
4"-8" long or 2"-4" long. Their leaves are very simple and may stay on the tree throughout the winter until new leaves grow in the spring. The leaves are usually narrow to a long oval and are stiff. The upper leaf is shiny and dark green and the underside is normally a dull green. Leaves are slightly rolled on the underside.


Live Oak Tree Fruit The Southern Live Oak tree produces a small amount of acorns. The acorns are usually narrow at the base and are about an inch long. The acorns produced by Live Oak trees are light brown within the cap and dark brown to black throughout the rest of the fruit. They mature in one season and are usually seen in a cluster of 3-5 nuts.


  When new leaves develop, the Live Oak tree produces small flowers. These small flowers are usually not apparent and are brown in color

Trunk & Branching: 

Live Oak tree branches

A Live Oak tree typically only has one trunk and as Live it gets older, their branches droop and curve; adding a lot of characteristic to a landscape. As the tree gets older it may need to be pruned for vehicle or pedestrian clearance underneath the canopy.

When the Live Oak tree is young, it should be pruned in the appropriate way to develop strong branches and tree structure.



live oak tree bark Live Oak tree bark is a dark to light grayish color and becomes darker with age.


Highrise Live Oak  l  Standard Live Oak  l  Cathedral Live Oak


More about the Southern Live Oak trees:

  • Mature Height: 60- 80 feet
  • Mature Spread: 60 - 120 feet
  • Shape: Round, Spreading
  • Tree Density: Dense and full
  • Growth Rate: Medium
  • Texture: Simple



Southern Pride Tree Farm Features Very Big Live Oaks:

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  • HighRise©, Cathedral©  & Standard Field Grown Live-Oak Trees.
  • The Live Oak is a semi-deciduous evergreen medium growing tree



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