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Our Cathedral Live Oak Trees l Quercus virg. 'SDLN' pp12015

cathedral live oak tree

The Cathedral Live Oak Tree is another of Southern Pride's cultivar Live Oaks. The Cathedral Live Oak tree offers the designer a tree with a full, dense head that is consistent in height and spread whether planning one or 50 in the design.

The Cathedral Live Oak tree is perfect for: Entryways, parks, luxury or commercial applications any place where consistency, privacy and shade are desired in the landscape design.

The Cathedral is a cultivar Live Oak tree reproduced specifically for applications where a consistent look and tall dense headed tree is desired in the landscape design.

The Cathedral Live Oak tree is a Quercus virginiana or Southern Live Oak and it is a cultivar (Quercus virg. 'SDLN' pp12015) meaning it is cloned from a mother tree with the same DNA to copy the dense and upward structure of the tree.  Properly pruned, the Cathedral Live Oak Tree will not sprawl as wide as a Standard Live Oak Tree. The Cathedral does grow as tall as the Highrise and is considered a happy medium between the narrower Highrise Live Oak and a typical Standard Live Oak.

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More about the Cathedral Live Oak:

  • Cathedral Live Oak Trees do not require the breadth of space a typical Standard live oak must have.
  • Our Cathedral Live Oaks Trees range from 8" caliper to 10" caliper.
  • Are between 28' in height to 35' in height. with 18'-20' of spread at its widest at this size.
  • Cathedral Live Oaks can be planted as close as 30' apart where a Standard (or traditional live oak)  requires an ideal spacing of 40' apart.
  • Caliper is the diameter of the trunk of the tree and is the means of determining the price of live oaks in our nursery.
  • Pricing is determined by the size, variety and timeline for delivery of your trees. We do give quantity discounts from as little as 2+ trees and we do assist with transport to your location.  Contact Us for More Information and quote
  • Tree grades and standards


Southern Pride Tree Farm Features Very Big Live Oaks:

  • Our Live Oaks are 8- to- 12- years- old top quality landscaping trees.
  • HighRise, Cathedral  & Standard Field Grown Live-Oak Trees.
  • The Live Oak is a semi-deciduous evergreen medium growing tree



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