Am I Missing A Southern Live Oak Tree?

Am I Missing A Southern Live Oak Tree?

Spring is here, it is time to play, I think I will go out and tend to my garden today. Recently I relocated my family to a new home, a pretty home but not much to look at outside. When the weather started to get warmer I thought to myself about what I could do to make the view out my front windows more appealing to the eye. I started a garden walk along the front, graced it with as many flowering shrubs plants and ornaments as I could to get the look I was longing for. However, something was still missing.

I took the time, I planted and weeded and made my garden look good but it just was not enough. My garden still needed that wow factor. I needed the last piece of the puzzle to make it complete. Then as if some huge bell had dinged,” I got it, I need a tree.” However, not just any tree, a glorious tree! A tree that will not just look great all year round, but a tree that will stand the tests of time.

I searched high and low for the tree in my dreams, the tree that would make my garden complete. The tree I found that was perfect was a beautiful cathedral, southern live oak tree. The southern live oak tree speaks volumes when in a garden or lavish landscape. It says “Hello, look at me, I will make your garden complete.” These live oaks give off a sense of elegance, strength, and longevity wherever they can be seen, which makes it perfect for me. I usually see these towering wonders along the back roads between my new home and our little town covering the roads with there friendly canopies.

Once I had decided that the southern live oak was for me there was no stopping me. I looked and looked for a nursery with live oak trees for sale perfectly suited for me. I happened upon Southern Pride Tree Farm. The name of the nursery sells itself. There they had the most gorgeous 12ft cathedral live oak trees I had ever seen. Their potential for growth and beauty oozed out of them. I chose my tree and soon after had her planted deep with in the earth settled in the center of my garden.

This simple yet majestic southern live oak tree transformed my garden in one fell swoop. Now I can look out my front windows and know that to me, my garden is as perfect as it can be.

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